2019:  JELLYFISH - National Theatre, Directed by Tim Hoare, Starring Sarah Gordy
2018:  JELLYFISH - Bush Theatre, Directed by Tim Hoare, Starring Sarah Gordy
2017:  JELLYFISH - National Theatre Studio (Reading), Directed by Tim Hoare
2015:  ARTHUR - Theatre Royal Haymarket (Reading), Directed by Jake Smith, Starring Angela Griffin & Kevin Whateley
2015:  CHICKEN DUST - Finborough Theatre & Curve, Leicester, Directed by Chelsea Walker
2015:  CHRONIC - Southwark Playhouse (Courting Drama, Theatre Renegade)

I am currently on attachment with the National Theatre.


Below are all projects I currently have in development.

JELLYFISH - BBC (script commission) (Balloon Entertainment) 
TIL DEATH DO US PART-  ITV (script commission) (Balloon Entertainment)
BEAUTY QUEENS - co-created/written with Milly Thomas (script commission)
MIRACLE -(script commission) (An adapatation of the Austrian series ‘Braunschlag’) 
WISH YOU WERE HERE - Written on 4Screenwriting Course 2016   (Channel 4/Shelley Productions)

Additionally, I am developing projects in treatment form with Merman, Buccaneer, Hillbilly, Red Planet Pictures, and Bryncoed Productions.

2017:  LONG TIME COMING - BBC Radio Four (Tx. December 2017)